Youmna Khoury talks about her goals and ambitions for the future

As a young entrepreneur from Lebanon, Youmna Khoury has quickly risen to success. She was born in Lebanon but is currently residing in Dubai with her family. Her immense success is not just limited to her 574k Instagram followers, she is also one of the youngest businesswomen in the Middle East.

Youmna started her career by opening a salon in Lebanon and then eventually opening her own online shop called Youmi Online Shop. In addition to this, she is currently working on a fresh new E-commerce project. So, stay tuned for that.

While she was working in her salon, Youmna realized how important it is for all your elements to look good when you are going out. It does not matter if you are wearing a stylish outfit as long as your hair and makeup is not perfect too. Therefore, Youmna sells the top-notch products so that you can look good from your head to toe.

Youmna has many future endeavours planned for her business. She wants to expand her business to other parts of the world as well apart from the Middle East. Although still in the future, this expansion too will be very time consuming and hard working.

Her goals and ambitions for the future are to improve her brand even more. She wants to introduce new designs for the lashes and new colors for the hair extensions and contact lenses. Moreover, one of her biggest goals is to ensure that she continues to improve and become a better person and a businesswoman.

In addition to this, she wants to use the criticism she receives to make better products that would be loved by everyone. There is no doubt that Youmna will be able to fulfill her future ambition of expanding the business.


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