YOSYO Tempered Glass & LCD Display Digital Personal Human Body Weighting Scale | Digital Body Weighing Machine |Body Fat Analyzer Bathroom Health Body Weight Scales (Multicolor/Print)

Price: ₹ 1,299.00 - ₹ 648.00
(as of Jan 28,2021 03:45:49 UTC – Details)

♥ Capacity: 0.2-180kg 
♥ Graduation: 0.1kg 
♥ Display: 4 Digits LCD 
♥ Battery: 2*AAA battery 
♥ Temp. for work: 10-35 C 
♥ Weighing automatic 
♥ Unit: kg/lb. 
♥ Auto turn off after 10 seconds 
♥ Hint of low-tension: “Lo” 
♥ Hint of wrong: “__” 
♥ Hint of out: “Err” Operate Explain 
♥ Use the Switch at the bottom of the scale. You can change the unit “kg-lb.” in turn. 
♥ When you start the machine in the air, it shows “0.0”. Please put the scale on a flat surface and restart Weighing after it shuts-off automatically in 10 seconds. 
♥ Stand on the scale surface and it will switch on automatically. 
♥ Stand on the scale in balance and start weighing, when the weigh is set, the figure will flash and then you can read it. 
♥ The figure will keep flashing for 10 seconds and the scale will switch off. 
♥ Replace the battery if the screen display “LO_” 
♥ Try again if the screen shows “___” keep it dry and don’t touch water. Attention 
♥ When unused, the scale should be left unloaded to avoid over assumption of power and failure of work.
♥ Try to stand in the middle place to avoid slip. 
♥ Stand on the scale in good balance to avoid failure of lock and incorrect illustration. 
♥ No heavy knock on the scale. 
♥ Keep it away from water and don’t wash it with water. 
A battery has been included.
♥Body Design : Squre digital
♥For accurate measuring please keep weighing scale on flat surface and wait for 5 sec then place your feet in centre of weighing scale
♥Capacity : 180 Kg, Accuracy ,Color : Black, Material : Toughened Glass
♥Please read the User manual provided before using the product


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