WION carves a niche among Indian news network with stories of change

New Delhi: From small steps within South Asia, World Is One News (WION), the first global English news network from India, is now taking giant strides across the world. The channel that delivers path-breaking news coverage and stories from across the globe through India’s lens today has a presence in over 190 countries worldwide. WION can be seen in Africa, Europe, Russia, the USA, South America, the APAC region, MENA region. 

Gravitas by WION’s Executive Editor Palki Sharma is currently one of the most popular prime time programmes in the country. Under this programme, topics of variegated hues, replete with facts are presented covering international events including politics, business, health, etc. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Gravitas thoroughly covered its global impact showing exclusive reports from the different parts of the world. 

WION has moved great strides from when it first launched. With its correspondents all over the world and exclusive partnerships with global news agencies, the channel brought the news as it happened, with key perspectives that matter.

India and the World have relied on western narratives when it came to world issues and South Asia did not have a representative voice – until WION. At WION’s core, is a need to be the voice of a new India bringing Indian perspective to global news. Because what affects the world affects us all.

When every Indian news channel runs cluttered news, big red warning sirens, high decibel debates, and puzzling narratives, WION cuts through with simplified global news with stories of change that truly impact a viewer.

The persistent presentation of impartial stories has helped WION to carve a niche among the existing news channels not only in India but also in South Asia. 

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