The 8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

Digital marketing moves and changes very quickly. During 2019, voice searches were one of the trends that reigned in digital marketing, but 2020 is here and brings important news. We review what will be the main marketing trends for 2020:

The 8 best digital marketing strategies for 2020

According to experts, these will be the

1. Video: Video remains one of the most popular marketing strategies since 2018. Videos connect better with the user and create better sales opportunities. Videos can be customer testimonials, tutorials, or any content that adds value.

2. Live videos : Livestreaming has been one of the dominant strategies in 2019 and it will also be in 2020. It requires little investment (both in time and effort), reaches a large audience and offers authentic engagement.

3. Podcast: In 2019 podcasts had reached their peak and even Spotify placed them at the center of their strategy. The trend continues and the podcast is still a strategy that works. Podcasts have a strong audience and offer a platform for recycling blog content or creating new ones.

4. Local SEO: Google Maps and Google My Business have worked hard in recent years to offer important updates. Google intends to offer tools to local businesses to compete with large companies.

5. Educational content: Content remains the king of marketing. With the latest updates from Google, marketing strategies are about offering extensive and educational content that builds trust and leads.

6. Personalized messages : In 2020 marketers should understand analytics to create personalized messages. It will be important to understand demographic, affinity data, and to structure audience segmentation correctly.

7. Updating content : It’s not just about publishing new content. In 2020 Google will reward updated content. Reviewing old content and refreshing it will be a great marketing strategy in 2020.

8. Prepare content for voice searchesVoice search is one of the biggest marketing trends in recent years. A good strategy will be to prepare content for this type of search. The content must be correctly configured for chatbots, as well as for virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant).


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