Swan: A Quiet And Elegant Place For Your Date Night


  • Swan is just the ideal place for a cool breezy romantic dinner
  • Cocktails are strong here, and set the tone nicely for whats to come
  • Swan offers interesting food options and does justice to all the hype

The name ‘Swan’ signifies beauty, elegance, and simplicity and true to its meaning this restaurant delivers just that and more. Cradled in the quietness and the natural beauty of the Mehrauli area, Swan promises to deliver an authentic Italian and Japanese cuisine. This restaurant atop designer Gaurav Gupta’s store is just the place for a cool breezy romantic dinner or even a beautiful, serene Sunday brunch. The interiors of the restaurant are chic and will in seconds make you fall in love with the place. You could either dine indoors or occupy space on the terrace under the green canopy of the beautiful Neem tree. Either way, you are guaranteed a memorable experience. 

Cocktails are strong here and set the tone nicely for what’s to come – kick things off with a ‘Selfies Started in Japan’ – the drink is as intriguing as its name. But don’t fall for its delicate looks; this brightly-toned gin-based cocktail is quite bold and strong. If you want to further try something bold, then go for ‘Jasmine JuJitsu Hiball’ – a whiskey-based cocktail infused with Lacto-fermented peaches and jasmine tea. When it’s time for supper, we started off with the Mushroom Cappuccino Soup. It is comforting, wholesome, creamy and quirky at the same time – with the right flavours of porcini and button mushrooms. What intrigued us the most about the soup was the pairing of a cappuccino topped biscotti.

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Mushroom Cappuccino Soup

Next were the Herbs Marinated Chargrilled Prawns and Avocado Crostini. Avocado crostini – a thin slice of Ciabatta bread topped with avocado mash – feels like a delightful treat; grilled prawns (arrive with spicy garlic mayo) is worth dialling down the romance to focus on. For the ones who don’t fancy prawns, may go for Crispy Exotic Mushrooms that comes with wasabi Aioli. 


Avocado Crostini and Herbs Marinated Chargrilled Prawns

Next, we tried the Maki Rolls – Veggie Roll and Prawn Tempura Roll. Veggie Roll comes stuffed with asparagus, avocados, fresh carrots and ginger, while Prawn Tempura Roll is stuffed with Dikon and avocados. Both the rolls get a thumbs-up! From a delightful Japanese affair, we moved to delectable Italian cuisine – thin crust pizza – Pizza Del Duca: a wood-fired pizza topped with mozzarella, parmesan, porcini mushroom and a drizzle of white truffle oil. While the pizza met our expectations, Spaghetti Alfredo Con Pallo – a live preparation – slightly missed the mark.

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Maki Rolls – Veggie Roll and Prawn Tempura Roll


Spaghetti Alfredo Con Pallo

For desserts, we went for The Messy Cheesecake. It did look messy from the outside but the messy flavour profile was uncalled for (read: little too salty). 


The Messy Cheesecake


All in all, the place delivers some interesting choice of food and does justice to all the hype. So, if you want to shake things up? Instead of just looking for a romantic dinner, do lunch, or brunch or even breakfast. Whichever way you go, Swan by Zorawar Kalra has got you covered!

Where: Kharsra 1501, 1st Floor, Kalka Das Marg, Ward 1, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Price: INR 2000 for two (without alcohol)

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