Supathya Oats Health Mix – Multigrain Oatmeal Sathu Maavu Kanji Podi with Ragi, Multigrain Sattu Powder as Baby Food & for Adults – 400g

Price: ₹ 210.00 - ₹ 207.00
(as of Feb 02,2021 10:17:22 UTC – Details)

Give yourself the Multigrain-Oats benefit with Supathya. Perfect recipe of oatmeal for babies and adults alike. Along with a healthy blend of multigrains supplemented with the goodness of oats, Supathya provides you with nourishment fortified with fiber to complete your nutritional requirements. The simple carbohydrates provides for a healthy source of energy coupled with proteins, vitamins, calcium and iron. Oats along with multigrains help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar and help bowel movement preventing constipation. To make it suit your taste buds you can top the porridge with a serving of crunchy nuts. The contents namely Ragi, Wheat, Maize, Jowar, Green Gram, Bajra and Channa Dal are washed, separated from impurities, roasted and ground together by adding Oats and Elaichi, making it suitable for babies, kids, elders, office goers and fitness enthusiasts. How to prepare (Serving size: 1 Person) 1. Take two heapful teaspoons of Supathya Health Mix and Stir well in 250ml normal water. 2. Mix well to avoid lump formation 3. Allow the mixture to boil on the stove. Keep stirring continuously 4. Now, lower the stove flame and allow the mixture to cook well 5. Add powdered Jaggery or sugar to suit your taste and continue to cook until it blends well. 6. Slightly cool the mixture 7. Now add 50ml lukewarm milk and mix well 8. Our Yummy Supathya Multigrain Oats health drink is ready!

Multigrain-Oatmeal benefit with Supathya Sathu Maavu kanji providing optimum nutrient intake
Health Mix rich in Nutrients takes 5 minutes to prepare
No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors. No added Sugar or Salt
Store in a cool and dry place


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