Losing It !: Making Weight Loss Simple

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Losing It!: Making Weight Loss Simple, available in paperback, is aimed at helping readers to learn effective techniques that can help them lose weight. It also discusses efficient ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This book is a consolidated guide for those people who want to lose weight. It contains numerous methods, which when systematically followed can help people burn a lot of calories successfully. These techniques are easy to follow and can be easily adjusted into the daily routine. The book doesn’t promote crash diets. It provides weight-loss plans that are designed while keeping long term benefits in mind.

Losing It! includes a list of many products that are well-known as healthy foods and beverages. The reality of these products and their effect on your body is well-explained. It debunks many such myths in the dietary world. The book also explains the various lifestyle disorders that can stem from being overweight. It stresses on fitness and explains methods to benefit the most by eating right.

Losing It!: Making Weight Loss Simple, was published on 1st December, 2012. in this book, the authors further talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and the role it plays in achieving an active lifestyle. The book contains various tips to create a balanced meal and gives a list of easy exercises. It contains answers to most questions frequently asked by people.


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