Hexafit Tummy Trimmer or Abdominal Belt (Compression and support to belly post delivery. Used for post-pregnancy care, slimming for Men and Women)

Price: ₹ 550.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of Jan 27,2021 22:35:49 UTC – Details)

Contoured tummy slimmer belt for women design which are used in Low back pain, strain or spinal injuries known as tummy slimmer body shaper belt. Muscular imbalances in the lumbar spine area Spinal conditions like spondylosis, facet syndrome, slipped disc can be cured by this posture corrector women belt. Post surgical lumbo sacral immobilization are also cured by this waist belt after pregnancy. Specially designed waist belt for back pain and used pressure plate which can be molded to give the shape as per spine which give adequate pressure on spine to get relief from pain. This ladies waist belt can be used as gym waist belt .This waist belt women for pain relief gives you pleasure in pain after wearing .You can use this waist belt after surgery for women .Plays an important role in tummy slimmer for women .Can be used as a waist belt after delivery.This tummy slimmer for girls is the best body posture corrector belt for women.

✔️Step 1 ? You have to stand straight in an erect position in order to make this waist belt adjustable. Step 2 ? Avoid making your stomach too tight or too loose by breathing hard. Step 3 ? Abdominal elastic waist belt should be in direct contact with the skin.
✔️You can put this waist belt for women on when you get out of bed in the morning and not think about it again until you take this waist belt for back pain for women off at night. In fact, many women choose to wear the binder 24 hours a day ? even while sleeping ? to receive the maximum benefit from abdominal compression!
✔️This stomach belt for women is a device, used in theory, to reduce the forces on the spine, increase intra-abdominal pressure, stiffen the spine and reduce loads during lifting also considered as body posture corrector.
✔️This inside and outside pressure of this waist belt ladies acts to stabilize the spine and reduce the stress it receives when lifting heavy weights. This is how lifting belts can help to protect against back injuries during lifting. A weight belt stabilizes your spine so you can move more weight.


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