Ever Tried Aloo Aur Dal Ki Tikki? This Easy Way Of Making Aloo Tikki Will Win Hearts


  • Aloo tikki is a popular street food
  • Aloo tikki is fairly easy to make at home
  • Aloo tikki can be prepared in an easier way too

Colourful, crunchy, greasy and steeped in flavour, the street food of India can mean multiple things for multiple people. You cannot walk down a busy street in this country stumbling upon at least 20 different types of street foods, each so unique on its own. But if we were to pick the most popular street foods of all time, we would have start with the aloo tikki. It is a special kind of potato patty that is made with mashed potatoes and chickpeas. It is served with a dash of yogurt, and mix of chutney and masalas. Some people also like to have it with a special chickpea curry. In Maharashtra, this delicacy is known as ragda patties.

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Indian Street Food’s Love Affair With Potatoes

Potatoes were not even a part of Indian imagination until the 16th century when the Portuguese introduced us to this tuber- and there was just no looking back. Potatoes have a tendency of blending in with all kinds of preparation, which perhaps makes it a hot pick among the street food vendors of India.

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Potatoes are very versatile

From tikki, to chaat to bhaji and bhel puri, potatoes are omnipresent and we are not complaining. Aloo tikki is a hit among all age groups. Not just the street, it is difficult to imagine a North Indian wedding without a dedicated live tikki counter. You may have tried making the classic dish at home too, but have you tried a version with potatoes and chana dal? It is truly amazing, and we bet you will be compelled to get up for that second helping.


Aloo tikki is loaded with flavours

Easy Way To Make Aloo Tikki, Yes, Please!


This aloo and dal tikki is ideal for those evening cravings. It also makes for an ideal for brunch or potlucks. The DIY element of assembling these tikkis with chutney and masalas is an added appeal. The recipe uses commonly available ingredients like potatoes, chana dal, bread slices, garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder, salt and lemon juice.

Make sure you use parboiled chana dal for this recipe for best results. These easy, crispy tikkis are too good to be true, serve it with any chutney of your choice. Here’s the step-by step recipe of  Aloo Aur Dal Ki Tikki. Try it and let us know.

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