Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 … and for 10 more years!

If we search, we can find hundreds of digital marketing trends for 2020, but what really awaits us this new year. And in the next 10 years?

In this article I want to focus on the 5 trends that we are going to see with more presence in the decade of the 20s . And when I say that there are hundreds of trends, it is because by documenting myself for the post I have been able to see dozens of specific trends, many others very generic. And, unfortunately, most are hypotheses. So I want to focus on the 5 digital marketing trends for 2020 that will hatch no matter what happens and whoever comes.

The 5 Digital Marketing trends for 2020 that you should know

In my search, I have also been able to find a lot of information against the new communication systems or technological advances that await us. Like “a chive grandfather” who does not want to assimilate the improvements brought about by technological advances or complaining about how the interaction between humans has changed. To such nonconformist people I always react the same; If it is going to make life easier for us and is used ethically well, welcome any technological advance.

Following this I would like to end this introduction with the trailer for the first chapter of the third season of “Black Mirrow” – “Plummeting”, very much in line with the topic that we are going to discuss about Digital Marketing Trends for 2020.

# 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have been talking about it since the end of the previous century and it seems that each day we become more familiar. We are getting more used to using chat bots, virtual assistants, etc.

The use of Big Data is increasingly bearing fruit. Let’s not forget that 90% of the data that can be used in AI has been obtained between 2017 and 2019 . Yes, you read correctly, 90%.

AI can help the generation of information-based content . There are already traditional media outlets that are abandoning traditional news agencies and are betting on these systems. News on demand. They report with different news depending on the tastes of each reader.

Artificial Intelligence, one of the digital marketing trends for 2020

Another aspect that is increasingly used is related content . If you are interested in music groups from the 80s with a certain musical taste, why not like a clothing trend highly influenced by this type of group?

Artificial Intelligence can make extraordinary use of more traditional systems such as email marketing. Not only for the content but for knowing when and at what exact time it is better for a user to receive by email and can become a sale. Knowing the state of mind of a person when informing them of a possible product or service I can provide increases in results exponentially.

And, of course, bringing AI to ads is the most profitable and we will see before. Know when we have the greatest balance to invest in a service, when we have to acquire a certain product, or when we will need this or that.

Finally, I would not like to forget about chatbots, which are increasingly used. Today we are surprised if we call a large company and we do not find a machine behind. This will be extended to all possible formats, not only to phone calls but to WhastApp, web pages through chats or emails answered by IA.

# 2 Live and VR videos

The second of the digital marketing trends for 2020 that we are going to talk about is video, which has not stopped developing over the years.

One of the last to reach live videos has been LinkedIn, but how long have we been seeing the boom on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, San Snapchat or Tik Tok? And if we talk about YouTube …

Live videos are increasingly in demand, they allow us to be anywhere in the world, observe and experience what we want and when it is happening .

And it is not only going to be the trend in the next decade of the 1920s, but the support will change, but always with the same objective: to live at the same time what happens in a different place than the one we are in. An important aspect of this type of media will be Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality, digital marketing trend for 2020

The creation of content and generation of events or actions in real time may be the most powerful union that we can use in the coming years in digital marketing. The live communication VR and segmentation obtained by bigdata can lead us to the seventh heaven.

Imagine for a moment sharing the song associated with a brand by group X in real-time and being able to transmit the vibration of the speakers and the voices sung by the public. And we can do this while lying on the sofa at home! Brand image and indestructible brand memory.

# 3 Voice searches and Ads

If the mix of live videos and virtual reality can be pure dynamite, Google Ads and voice searches will give digital marketing great results in the coming years, and it is something that we are already seeing today.

At Indosmedia, when we are reviewing searches in certain Google Ads campaigns, we quickly recognize voice searches from those written in the search engine. And we see them more and more frequently. They usually have more than 10 terms (words) and are quickly seen for being very long.

This directly affects SEM strategies and also SEO strategies, since we must begin to pay more attention to what we call «long tails» keywords . In addition, they will allow us to find niches more easily and be able to compete from one to the other with large companies when we fight for the same products or services in Ads campaigns.

Last year, Google was already helping us by giving us clues about the important aspects of the adaptation of brands in this new ecosystem.

And the proof that it is going to be used more and more is not to see young people talking to the mobile phone as if it were toast, but that Google has already started to advertise our voice assistant.

Although you will still find people who tell you that Google advertising does not see it (mental quote: “poor”) we cannot get away from the evidence. In the second quarter of 2019, 11% of searches through Google on mobile phones ended up in ads.

# 4 vertical social networks

Of course, there had to be a mention to social media if we are talking about digital marketing trends for 2020.

If before you talked about the fact that 90% of the information we have has been generated in the last two years, in general social networks more of the same happens. We have more and more information and less possibilities of reaching the one that interests us. And if on top of that we use social networks more and more to find out about the news or find what we like, we find ourselves with an over-information problem.

Vertical networks are born to solve this problem and to be able to capture user niches. In addition to being able to use this type of social media to find information that interests us, in digital marketing it is a very important focus to find clients of our target .

Do we know vertical social networks? Of course, the vast majority have already used them on many occasions. Next, I would like to highlight some of the most important vertical social networks:

  • Tripadvisor : one of the most used by all of us when it comes to finding a place to eat.
  • Moterus : for lovers of two wheels and the world around motorcycles.
  • IMDb : also a widely used social network, all about cinema. In this sector there are more vertical social networks like Filmafinity.
  • Nosplay : the quintessential social network on video games could not be missing.
  • Strator : a vertical social network for developers and programmers.
  • Openart : all about art and where collectors can share, monetizes outrageous.
  • Dogster : of course, for lovers of canine pets.
  • 21Buttons : the social network to sell fashion.
  • Tinder : a social network to find a partner or the well-known Meetic.

The number of vertical social networks that exist is infinite, there are for all sectors and it will be one of the niches to be explored most strongly in the next decade of the 20s.

# 5 Mobile First

Perhaps it is the change that most costs us marketers. What is “Mobile First”? Well, always think about the mobile first, before any other format. When we start to develop any campaign, it has to be above all how it will communicate and see through the different smartphones.

The most recurring example is the size of an image, it always has to be taller than it is wide, why? Well, because mobiles have a higher than wide screen.

Thinking first about a campaign as it will be on mobile will allow us to have greater successes , and not only because the campaign will have greater reach, but also because the different algorithms push us to do so. The algorithms of social networks reward much more the visibility on mobile than on computer. And if we transfer this to a website, the positioning work that we must do will be much less if we think of mobile first.

For years, and much more after 2020, Google will enhance the websites that have the greatest visibility and utility on mobile. How? Well, favoring them in search results. In 2019 it already began to notify us of all those mobile indexing errors that it finds on the web through the Google Search Console. Very large sizes of elements that do not fit on a mobile screen or buttons that are very close to each other have been the most common indexing warnings.


With these five keys, we have wanted to show you the Digital Marketing trends for 2020 that we will also find ourselves in the next decade. If you liked this article, we invite you to read more about digital marketing on this vsngroups blog .

If you have any questions, I await your comments!


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