Cases in MP fell by 300% in Jan compared to last month – ET HealthWorld

Bhopal: The growth of Covid-19 cases in Madhya Pradesh has slowed down by at least 300% in the month of January so far, compared to the growth in the previous month. In December, 34,306 new Covid-19 cases were reported between December 1 and December 31, and in this period the count of positives increased by 16.5% to 2,54,085.

But between January 1 and January 26— only 4.7% growth in the count of Covid-19 cases has been reported and it has grown by only 11,514 to 2,54,085.

However, though the average growth has been below 5%, there are several districts where the growth rate has been higher.

In 17 districts, the growth rate in Covid-19 cases has been more than 5 per cent.

The tribal Betul district has registered the highest jump, where a growth of 10% has been reported in the number of cases.

Betul is followed by state capital Bhopal, where more than 7% growth in Covid-19 cases has been reported.

However, when it comes to districts which have shown much improvement, it is Morena district where less than 1 per cent growth has been reported, followed by Mandla district where 1.9% growth in the count of Covid-19 cases has been reported in the month of January so far. This is percentage-wise growth, but when it comes to absolute numbers, Burhanpur district has reported the lowest number of cases — only 20 — in the 26 days of January.

Sources said that districts with higher percentage of growth in Covid-19 cases should be monitored to ensure that the spread of the disease is contained further.

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