A Dog And A Leopard, Stuck In Toilet For Hours. How This Ended

Parveen Kaswan’s tweet has been shared over 350 times so far

A dog in Karnataka miraculously survived after remaining stuck with a leopard in a toilet for hours.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan shared the interesting story on his Twitter account with a picture that shows both animals sitting uncomfortably in the toilet just meters apart. The incident reportedly took place in Karnataka’s Bilinele village, when the dog entered a toilet trying to escape the leopard. When the big cat followed it inside, residents of the house bolted the door from the outside.

A photograph shared by Mr Kaswan on Twitter shows the dog cowering in a corner.

“Every dog has a day. Imagine this dog got stuck in a toilet with a leopard for hours. And got out alive. It happens only in India,” he wrote. 

According to the officer, the leopard had been chasing the dog.


“Both entered into a house and got into a toilet. Family members locked the door from outside. It happened in Kadaba, Dakshina Kannada district,” he wrote in another tweet.

The forest department later rescued the animals.

Mr Kaswan’s tweet has been shared over 350 times so far.

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